How to Keep up to Speed on Augur
A Quick Guide to the Best Resources

We’re starting to see more content, media and social activity in Augurland, so I wanted to share a list of the best sources to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the space. How many of these you follow will depend on whether you’re a casual spectator, a serious participant in the space…or somewhere in between.

If you’re new to Augur, you might first want to check out The Ultimate Guide to Decentralized Prediction Markets.

Social Media


For broad updates, follow Augur on Twitter: @augurproject.


Augur’s most active community and almost like its second brain. You can run by questions or ideas on the #general channel, discuss #trading or #reporting or dive into technical matters on #game-theory #dev or #UI.


Augur Reddit doesn’t draw as much activity as Discord but is better for long-form commentary.


The Augur Edge

This is my newsletter where I look at the big picture of Augur as well as trading insights. I shoot for simple but surprising ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Augur Weekly

The Forecast Foundation’s newsletter zooms in on what prediction markets are saying about the 2020 election and shares project updates.

Augur Digest

This newsletter by Blocklytics crunches the numbers and displays trends in Augur markets and trading activity.



Predictions.Global is a simple display for keeping tabs on Augur markets. You can see the most recent trading activity on Augur and data on each market.

Explore Augur

For more granular data, check out Explore Augur, which breaks down activity by markets, trades, and users (Ethereum addresses).

The Majority Report

The Majority Report tracks the reporting and dispute status of Augur markets and compiles historical precedents on Invalid resolution.


Augur Github

If you want to track Augur development or even contribute yourself, this is where Augur’s codebase lives.

Thanks for reading. To stay ahead with fresh insights on the future of prediction markets, join The Augur Edge.